Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Motion Fails: CRA still alive...

It was an interesting City Commission meeting last night. I stayed until after the above item was discussed. This was supposed to be the follow-up to the decision made at the last meeting that the City Commission take-over the duties of the CRA. Commissioner Golden (who seems all too eager) made a motion to adopt the prepared ordinance, with the addition of a five member appointed advisory board. Commissioner Jennings seconded it. After some passionate discussion, including an indication by Commissioner Lowe that if the City Commission took over the CRA, they wouldn't do anything with it and that she didn't like the idea of an advisory board, the Commission voted 2-3 to pass the ordinance on first reading. The motion failed and there was no substitute motion.

So, that means that the workshop scheduled Thursday with the CRA is on. The focus will likely be the Pugh property project at 6th Avenue South and F Street.

We really have to question the zeal with which Commissioner Golden, who is project manager for the Lake Worth Community Development Corporation, has for consolidating control of the Community Redevelopment Agency under her and the Commission's policy making control. Where is the arm's length transaction here? How will the public know whether she is acting n the best interest of the City or furthering the ends of the Community Development Corporation? How will we know where one ends and the other begins?

For now, an independent CRA has another chance.

Here is the agenda for Thursday's meeting: