Friday, March 2, 2007

Interesting. History/Timeline of Beach Property

This came from Scott McCabe with the PB Post.

Time at the beach - From the start, the Lake Worth casino and beach has been the city's focal point:

1912: City leases oceanfront property from Palm Beach resident E.M. Brelsford.

1913: A two-story bath house, known as the Old Casino, opens and serves
as a gathering place for bathers and Saturday dances. Gambling is allowed until

1918: Fire destroys the casino.

1922: Lake Worth Casino and Baths opens, featuring a saltwater pool and an underground passage to the beach.

1928: Boardwalk built; hurricane damages casino's tower.

1947: Hurricane tears open the casino's roof.

1949: Casino remodeled with $185,000 in bond money; upper level parking lot built near casino building; pool changes from salt to freshwater

1951: Concrete promenade replaces boardwalk.

1959: Pier opens.

1973: John G's Restaurant opens in the casino building, becomes famous for its huge breakfasts.

1982: City commission pays architects Peacock & Lewis $45,000 in January for plan to revitalize the beach and casino. The $3 million plan includes a restaurant,
recreation area and pedestrian promenade. In June, residents petition commission
to stop beach improvements.

1983: Peacock & Lewis plan estimated to cost $8.5 million.

1985: Commissioners accept renovation at $6.6 million in February, then finally cancel it in April. City then plans to build a convention center at Municipal Beach Complex.

1986: Commissioners agree with consultants Botkin & Associates Inc. that casino should be demolished and rebuilt but take no action.

1990: Underground passage filled in; commissioners contemplate building a miniature golf course at the beach.

1993: Developer Pugliese Co. proposes movie theater, restaurant and
apartments at the beach.

1995: Commissioners end talks with Pugliese in April; Bridge Design Associates submits study in July on the casino building, reports it needs to be repaired but is salvageable.

1996: Developer David Paladino proposes 160,000 square feet of shops and restaurants in August; the city takes no action; city surveys voters in November about their visits to the beach and what they'd like to see there.

August 1998: City officials ask more than 100 developers for ideas to improve the beach area.

November 1998: Four development teams, including Paladino, submit plans
that include a hotel, park, timeshare, shops and restaurants.

December 1998: Commission aborts multimillion dollar plan for any redevelopment after residents complain.

March 3-4, 2000: City to hold public meetings to find out what residents want for the area.

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Wes Blackman for Commissioner – District #3"

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