Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good News Department

This is a re-post of an item originally posted on 10/26/06.  I bring it forth now since someone posted a comment today.  You can read it by clicking the comment area below this item.

There is more to this story that spans the period from October 2006 to the present day.  I have had the opportunity to bump into this businessperson at least a half a dozen times since we initially met.  Always the topic of conversation: "How is the progress going with Chicks-on-Dixie?"  Once open, this person will be freer to tell the stories that soon migrate into nightmares revolving around our building department.  I'll drive by and get a picture of the building on one of my COP outings.  The business still is not open and, after passing inspections is repeatedly called back to redo already inspected items.  No one involved - the engineering professionals, the contractor, the trades people and most of all the owner - can believe the process they have had to endure in opening this small building as a restaurant.  More later on this same station.  In the mean time, please keep this property, business and those involved in your thoughts and prayers as they attempt to deal with our building department.

You know what? Sometimes you just got to be in the right place at the right time - serendipity, as it were. I happened to bump into a gentleman that owns Lupita's at 4th Avenue North and Dixie Highway. By the way, if you haven tried their tortas - go there now and get them while they are hot! Unbelievable these things are...anyway...

He told me some interesting things. One is that the volume of their credit card business is increasing. Almost three times that of last year. What this means is that their clientele is changing. He was very anxious about the townhouse project across the street - how they were selling and hoping to see the project completed. He wondered when they were going to finish the rest and he was impressed with what he saw.

Business is good at Lupit
a's - now. He is in the process of upgrading the current store with new awnings and more. We should be seeing that in the next few months.

And the real good news is that they are planning on opening a restaurant at 12th Avenue South and Dixie that will serve mostly chicken until midnight. This will be coming through the Planning and Zoning Board so be watching the agendas. The property is a former used car lot that has been vacant for some time. This will be a real nice influence there and a great place for late night - gotta have it - good food.